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Don't add to noise pollution. Please be sensitive and respectful to your neighbors and respect quiet hours from 10 pm to 6am.

Don't encroach on other campers' space. Please never take a shortcut across another RVer's site. Also, keep your vehicles out of the roadway.

Don't allow your pets to roam wild. Unless they are in the designated fenced in leash free dog park, animals should always be on a leash. Please clean up after your pets and keep our community clean.

Don't trash your site. Please keep your site neat and orderly for your fellow RVers and Mother Nature. The great outdoors is a gift for all to enjoy, and polluting it is a crime. 

Don't throw nonflammable items into the fire or cut down trees for personal use. You should never leave items in a campfire or grill that do not burn and just end up as garbage, including bottles, aluminum cans, aluminum foil and cigarettes. Plastic bottles release toxins while burning and glass bottles can explode in a fire. If you smoke, always pick up your butts and put them in the trash. Also, bring your own firewood or buy it from the office, do not cut down trees on the property.  Please ensure all fire and embers are put out every night before you go to bed.

Don't leave your light on all night. A low-wattage lamp for safety is one thing, but many people are sensitive to light, so please be considerate and turn off your motorhomes porch light when you go to sleep.

Don't dump waste water on the ground. Your dump water can contain contaminants that can be transferred to anyone that treads on tainted ground. Gray and black water belong only in your septic drain.

Report any issues or maintenance repairs to the office. Please do not fix or repair any of Long County RV Communities property yourself. 

Do not share key codes. Please do not share key codes with anyone outside of the names listed on the lease.

Camera Surveillance. Understand that all of Long County RV Community property is under 24/7 camera surveillance for the safety of our renters and community. Do not mess with the equipment or interfere with surveillance.

No lot swapping or stealing. Lot's are assigned by the main office and you are responsible for the one assigned to you in your lease.

Property Damage. You will be responsible for any damage to Long County RV Community property at discretion of Long County RV Community and subject to a fine and/or removal and lease termination.

Rent is due on the 1st of every month. Rent is considered late and will incur a "late fee" after the 5th of month of $50. Every week it is late after the 5th will be an additional $50 each week. After a month you will be subject for eviction at the discretion of Long County RV Community management. 


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